ToK Lessons

Most of these lessons are from my own teaching. Please feel free to adapt and use them as you please. The lessons are not ‘perfect ToK lessons’, they’re just starting points, ways into teaching ToK. They’re also ‘pull off the shelf and deliver lessons‘ for new ToK teachers, more experienced teachers will be able to develop far better lessons (we’d very much welcome their contributions to this page). Should you wish to contribute your own ToK Lessons to this page please email them to me at

A note on structure:

I’ve taught ToK using a range of different course structures. I am yet to finally decide what is the ‘right way’ to structure the course, different approaches seem to work for different cohorts of students depending on their stage of learning. As such the lessons included here could be placed in any course as the designer of that course sees fit.

Generally, I prefer to teach ToK through a set of real life themes (e.g current news events, film, magazine articles etc) rather than teaching AoKs & WoKs as discreet lessons (e.g. “It’s Wednesday so it’s History as an AoK”). I like to pick up on whatever is currently ‘alive’ in the student’s world.

Introduction lessons.

Grade 11 / DP1 / Year 12.

Mini Pecha Kucha

Defining & Naming Types of Knowledge (good Intro lesson)

Personal & Shared Knowledge – an Intro

Why study ToK ?

Structure of ToK

Writing Knowledge Questions

Life Worlds

Migrants or Refugees ? & WoKS

Reasonably Emotional or Emotionally Reasonable ?: WoKs

I feel it, I know it, I think…, (Intuition, Imagination & Memory as WoKs)

Introduction to Ethics (a different approach)

Introduction to Ethics

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Whose Charity, or, Who’s Charity ?

The Map is not the Territory.

Whose History or Histories ?

The Scientific Method

The Beauty of The Stars & Mind

Grade 12 / DP2 / Year 13.

My favourite ToK Moment

ToK to Life, ToK to Reality

Presentation Preparation L1

Presentation Preparation L2

Where to start with my ToK Presentation.

Developing KQ’s in your presentation.

History as an AoK.

An overview ‘lecture’ that I gave at Nexus International School, in Malaysia, May 2015.

Tok Lessons from around the world (old IBO resource)


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