The lion sleeps tonight


  • To practise application of WoKs to RLS.
  • To allow students to start exploring an AoK in depth.
  • To help students to understand that AoKs are perspectives.

This lesson is designed for students at the beginning of a ToK course, it assumes limited knowledge of the ToK framework.


Start with a video clip of news report of the killing of Cecil the Lion, such as this one.

Ask students to write down their initial reaction to the killing of Cecil – should he have been killed ? etc.

Now ask them to classify their reaction according to the Ways of Knowing.

Students link 2 AoK’s to their initial reaction (s).

In groups students are allocated an Area of Knowledge, and a side of the argument to develop. E.G an argument supporting the hunting of Cecil the Lion using Human Sciences as an AoK, or an argument against the hunting of Cecil the lion using Mathematics as an AoK.


Students to consider the Ethical Issues surrounding the hunting of Cecil the Lion. use the concepts of:

Deontology vs Absolutism.

Situationalism vs Universalism

Rationalism vs Empiricism

This article on Ethical Hunting may provide a useful counterpoint.


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