The beauty of the stars & mind.

This is a set of lessons relating to AoK The Arts, Mathematics and WoK Imagination, Intuition and Emotion.

Lesson 1(a): Can I imagine ?

The first lesson is on how the various WoKs work together:

Watch the slideshow, for each example students have to explain how the WoKs (imagination, intuition & emotion) help them to construct knowledge of the situation. Slide show is linked here.

Lesson 1(b): Is there only reason ?

Watching this YouTube video on Fermat’s Last Theorem, and reading this magazine article on Fermat’s Last theorem, in a group discuss answers to the following:

What role do Imagination, Intuition and Emotion have in Maths & The Natural Sciences ? (give examples, is it a good role or a bad role ?)

Lesson 2: The Arts.

Start with this Prezi by the estimable Mr Steven’s, over on his ToK Blog.