The beauty of the stars & mind.

This is a set of lessons relating to AoK The Arts, Mathematics and WoK Imagination, Intuition and Emotion.

Lesson 1(a): Can I imagine ?

The first lesson is on how the various WoKs work together:

Watch the slideshow, for each example students have to explain how the WoKs (imagination, intuition & emotion) help them to construct knowledge of the situation. Slide show is linked here.

Lesson 1(b): Is there only reason ?

Watching this YouTube video on Fermat’s Last Theorem, and reading this magazine article on Fermat’s Last theorem, in a group discuss answers to the following:

What role do Imagination, Intuition and Emotion have in Maths & The Natural Sciences ? (give examples, is it a good role or a bad role ?)

Lesson 3-6: The Arts.

Start with this Prezi by the estimable Mr Steven’s, over on his ToK Blog.

You can then introduce the concept of Art as representation vs art as expression vs art as nihilism. I used this video from Banksy for my exploration of these ideas.


  1. This presentation gives students a set of KQs relating to the arts which they can explore in groups and then feedback their ideas to the rest of the class.


  1. Does an object have to have a specific form of production to be identified as ‘Art” ?
    2. Is Art best identified / defined by the intention of the consumer or the intention of the producer ?
    3. If anything can be art then should art have a specific separate category ?