I feel it, I know it, I think


  • to introduce Imagination, Intuition and Memory as WoKs
  • to consider the interaction between these three WoKs
  • to critically consider the validity of the arguments for these 3 WoKs (in terms of existence & knowledge production)

1. Intro:

RLS: Intuition (1), Intuition (2), Intuition (3)

Student Survey or Prezi on Intuition

2. Intuition: student research – how is Intuition different to Emotion ?

You are to produce a 3 minute presentation showing how intuition & emotion are different.

  • Pecha Kucha Style (10 slides X 20 seconds / slide, no text on the slides).
  • Include academic research / scientific theory. You may want to use the following papers to help you:

Intuition & emotion – the differences

Daniel Goleman on EI & Intutition

Excellent article, esp. on difference between emotion & intuition.

Quora.Com article

very clear straight forward article.

very clear article from Psychology today.

3. Intuition & Memory – what’s the link ? – student debate

Debate motion: Intuition is actually a form of memory, and therefore should not exist as a WoK.

You will be divided into 4 groups:

Grps A vs B,  and C vs D.   Grps A & C arguing for the motion.    B & D arguing against the motion.

2 speeches per team. Each speech of 3 minutes. 1 summary speech for each side.


  • Use real life situations (“RLS”) to illustrate your points.
  • Use academic research, academic writing, etc to illustrate your points.
  • Consider the arguments that the other side will argue, and try to pre-empt these arguments.
  • Respond to what the other team have argued.

A few resources to get you started:

Intuition defined and explained

Intuition and inner emotions.

Intuition is not a pseudo-science..,

The powers and perils of Intuition

4. Imagination.

Produce a poster on the WoK of imagination.

You will have to present your poster, speaking about it for 2-3 minutes.

Your poster could draw upon any number of the following issues:

  • Does imagination exist ?
  • What is imagination ?
  • How does imagination work with other WoKs ?:
  • Intuition & Imagination work together.
  • Is imagination important for human development ?
  • Why do some people have apparently better imaginations than others ?