Reasonably Emotional or Emotionally Reasonable ? – Lesson

This lesson is designed to be taught to a DP1 / G11 / Y12 class early in the ToK Course. The class will be in the early stages of exploring the WoKs, and translating RLS into KQ’s. Like most of my lessons there is an emphasis on interaction, presentation and students teaching students.

I thank the ToK Teachers Facebook group for their thoughts, and their excellent contribution of so many resources – much appreciated !

Lesson Purpose: can we set emotion & reason up as oppositional WoKs, or are they integral of each other ?

The lesson is made to go alongside this blogpost.

  1. Starter – Google form quiz (you can use mine if you want, email me & I’ll give you access to the responses, or use mine as a model to make your own).
  2. Sub-question – “why did the survey ask your gender ?” – Which WoK have you used to work out your answer ?
  3. Show responses to quiz – take them through the questions showing interpolation of Emotion & Reason.

Possible task – students work in groups formulating arguments for emotion / reason for either side of the debate.

4. Fun Puzzle Task to look at the relationship between Reason & Emotion..

5. Students work in groups to produce a presentation responding to the title “Reason and Emotion may interact as ways of knowing, however this Real life evidence shows that Emotion / Reason is dominant“.

Give each group one of the following resources (they will probably have to Jigsaw Read the sources):

Wedekind’s Sweaty T Shirt Research & associated video

Relationships conflict and make-up.

Social Dysfunction and anti-intellectualism

Promiscuous women cause earthquakes in Iran..,

Emotionally intelligent people are more successful

6. As a nice ‘out / rounder’ you could look at these beautiful photos/words – strong link to language as a WoK.


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