All ToK Essay advice on the internet should be treated with caution. The best source of advice is probably your ToK teacher, as the person who best knows your ‘ToK Style’ they can offer personalised suggestions.

The essay advice contained here are working documents that I have been using with my ToK Students (I have been teaching ToK for 10 years, and I’m a ToK Essay Examiner). What is written here is neither the definitive, nor only ways to answer the questions, these are formative teaching materials.

If you’re concerned about choosing your essay, planning it, etc then please see ToK FAQ’s at this link.

At this link there’s a short presentation on how to start your ToK Essay and how to structure your essay.

There are excellent explanations of each essay at Mr Stevens’ ToK Blog here.

A basic Essay Structure Diagram to help students who are finding it challenging is linked here. 

KiS Supervision Process here – KiS Students please see your email for details of your personal supervisor etc.

Looking for help with the structure of your ToK Essay ?

1. Clear help from Mr Tim Woods

2. Mr Woods’ masterclass in the ToK Essay.
Common Mistakes in ToK Essays by Mr Andres-Felipe Torres

Please see ToK Essay FAQ’s at this link

More help with May 2018 Titles:

  1. Fields of Study of Academic Disciplines overlap, interdisciplinary..,
  2. “We know with confidence when we know little. Knowing more = doubt”. Goethe
  3. Without uniformities there can be no knowledge.
  4. Suspension of Disbelief – is it essential in other AoK ?
  5. Is quality of knowledge proportional to historical development of discipline ?
  6. Robust Knowledge requires disagreement & consensus. re. 2 AoKs.




7 thoughts on “Essays

  1. Your insight into titles really helps my kids move outside their own minds. Are you planning to do anything with the 2019 titles?

    1. Hi Karen, many thanks for your kind comments. I’ve put together a set of questions for each essay. It’s a basic structure designed to help students get the essays started, a little bit different to recent years. I’ll be uploading them at the beginning of next week (we’re on mid term break at the moment). I hope that they’ll be useful!

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