Presentation Preparation L2

This lesson is the second in sequence designed to prepare students to give the ToK Presentation.


  • Students are familiar with the assessment criteria, and understand how to move from one level to the next.
  • Students are able to identify a good RLS on which to base their presentation.

1. Show students the Presentation Diagram (I have not uploaded this here for copyright reasons, however it can be found on pg 63 of the 2015 ToK Guide).

Share the Presentation Assessment Instrument with students (Again, this is not copied here for copyright purposes, but is available from pg 64 of the 2015 ToK Guide).

1. Students work in groups to

identify the assessed features common to each level.

2. what are the differences between each of the levels for the following features:

  • The Knowledge Question
  • Arguments
  • Outcomes of Analysis.

3. Students visually represent the relationship between the Knowledge Question, the Real life situation, the arguments and the perspectives, the outcomes of the analysis for Level 5. Be Creative !

4. Show the 2 examples of the ToK presentations from the OCC (linked here, but you must sign in to see them).

Students to assess the presentation using the assessment instrument.

Show students the examiner comments Powerpoint also from OCC linked here.

5. What makes a good RLS for a presentation ?

students to brainstorm.

Feedback should extract that it should be:

  • a concrete topic which interests you.
  • enable you to show different points of view, and allow exploration of these points of view.
  • have a clear ToK element which you can easily identify.
  • allow you to clearly identify a Knowledge Question (s)

6. Students work together to identify good RLS, and explain why it is a good RLS against the criteria above.

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