My Favourite ToK moment – Introductory Lesson Grade 12 / Year 13 / DP2

My Favourite ToK Moment.

It is unusual for a new teacher to have to take over a G12 / Y13 / DP 2 ToK class, however this is the situation that I find myself in this year. My G12 / DP 2 classes will have been studying ToK for a year, as such it is imperative for me to get to know them, judge how much they know, and understand their preferred learning styles ASAP. This lesson is designed to start fulfilling some of those needs, it is the first in a series of lessons which will help me to get to know the class, and will help the students to prepare for their presentations.

Learning Intention:

I will recall my ToK learning from DP1.

Skill development.

Identifying RLS ToK Moments.


1. Reflection.

Students to consider:

a. “The most mind-blowing realisation from ToK last year was…..,”

b. “If I could improve one thing from ToK last year it would be….”

Feedback from class.

2. RLS Application.

Students to respond to:

“a ToK moment during my summer vacation was….”

identify – AoK, WoK, KQ, KC, Personal & shared knowledge as appropriate.


3. Problematising AoKs & WoKs:

Students to respond to:

“If I had to lose a WoK it would be_____________ because ___________”

and then

“AoK______________________ is the most important AoK because__________”


“AoK ______________________ is the least important AoK because __________”


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