Life Worlds

This is an introductory lesson designed to be taught early in a ToK course. It is designed to promote critical thinking, and problematisation of knowledge. Like all the lessons posted here it should be modified according to the needs of the class group that you are teaching.

1. Card sort (you can use these cards, or make your own): Objective Fact, Possible Fact, Belief (Faith), Truth, Opinion, Emotion

2. What is reality ?

Sense Perception WoK

– Optical Illusion Presentations: Video 1

The McGurk Effect.

(how to make the Dragon Illusion)

3. ‘Facts change’:

use this post.

Students to work in groups to devise a presentation we think that the fact which is most likely to change in the next 50 years is…,

4. Emotion vs Reason.

Students to devise emotion & reason frameworks to:

1. Decide who / whether to date someone.

2. Decide how to spend a limited medical budget.

3. Decide whether to kill an animal (use this article as stimulus).


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