WoKs, socks & goldilocks

This is a lesson designed for students in the early stages of a ToK Course. It is designed to introduce them to the interpolation of Ways of Knowing.

Worksheet introduction to Ways of Knowing linked here. This is designed to just familiarise students with the various Ways of Knowing, how they work in combination, and how they influence the construction of knowledge. Class discussion can develop these themes.

Student’s can then choose 1 of 3 pathways:

Literary Pathway.
Students read this extract from Patrick Susskind’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.
Discuss the following questions:
• How does Language shape the knowledge produced by this piece ?
• Is the Language used culturally specific ? Would people of different cultures interpret the text in different ways ?
• What is the role of imagination in producing knowledge in this text?
• Can imagination reveal truths that reality hides?

Mathematic Pathway.
Students read this article on the development of Pi.
Discuss the following questions:
• Which Ways of Knowing were used to calculate Pi ? Explain your answer.
• What are the arguments for against Mathematics being a form of Language ?
• What are the arguments for against the WoKs working against each other in the calculation of Pi ?
• Did the calculation of Pi involve more Inductive or Deductive Reasoning.

Arts Pathway.
Students watch this video
Discuss the following questions:
• Which Ways of Knowing are being used to gain knowledge when watching the video ? Explain your answer.
• How can we know if our senses are reliable?
• What is the role of expectation or theory in sense perception?
• Does everything that we know come from our senses ?

Whole Class discussion.

Homework: Write a minimum of 400 words in response to 2 of the questions from your pathway.