Introduction to Ethics

The lesson is designed for G11 / DP1 ToK Students, as an introduction to Ethics.

Intro – YouTube Videos:

Examples 1

Examples 2

Read the ethical dilemma source materials:

  1. Zoo kills Giraffe, feeds it to their lionsZoo subsequently kills lions.

2. Should Western countries intervene in the Syrian Civil War ?

3. Should affluent countries give sanctuary to migrants from other countries ?

4. Ethical issues in patient funded healthcare trials

5. Should Germaine Greer be banned from speaking at Cardiff university ?

Split the class into 5 groups, each group is to read their allotted article.

Each group is to explain to the rest of the class:

a) A short contextual background of their case.
b) What is the dilemma ?
c) What are the ethical issues ?d) Write 2 Knowledge Questions which arise from the case.

Lesson 2:

Starter Activity – Ethical Dilemmas

Students to look at Worked Example of application of Ethics to a Real Life Situation

Application of Ethical Perspectives.

Students should read the BBC Introduction to Ethics.

Each group to choose one perspective from the list below, and explain what resolution proponents of that perspective would propose for their case (e.g. what would proponents of Consequentialism propose in the case of Western Intervention in Syria ?)