Welcome to Daniel’s ToK Blog

‘The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates

I believe :

  • ToK is the most important element of the IB Diploma.
  • ToK should be the most inspiring element of the IB Diploma.
  • ToK can seem more mysterious than it actually is.
  • By improving understanding in ToK IB students will improve understanding in all of their subjects.

About Me:

Teaching high school for 20+ years, teaching ToK for 8 yrs, globalist, humanist, optimist, and sometimes, a little sarcastic (a failing).

I’m originally from the UK. I was incredibly fortunate to be educated at LSE, looking back at that experience I now realise that most LSE courses are actually ToK courses, so I now think that I spent 3 years at LSE doing ToK !

I then spent 12 years teaching High School in London (mainly Psychology & Sociology), then the next big  fortune in my life – I was appointed to an international school in Hong Kong!

 I spent 8 wonderful years learning with the amazing young people of HK, teaching Psychology and ToK. I then went and lived on a beach in Thailand for a year before moving to Malaysia. After a year in Malaysia I moved back to Thailand. I am currently teaching at an IB School in Bangkok, where I am again fortunate to learn from an amazing group of young people.

This blog is my small way of giving back to all the students & learners who have taught me so much over the years- thank you !

Daniel Trump, August 2015


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Daniel’s ToK Blog

  1. Hi Mr. Daniel! It’s Syahirah from Nexus. I hope you remember me. I would like to contact you via email but can’t seem to find your email address. Can I please have your email? Thanks!

  2. Hi Mr. Daniel, your blog has been of great help to me over the course of my IB career. I’m currently in my senior year and final year of IB and working on my final TOK essay. Just wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve provided me. 🙂

  3. Hey, I think your blog is really helpful! I was wondering if you had any ideas about the May 19 PT# 6 title? The title is “One way to assure the health of a discipline is to nurture contrasting perspectives.” Discuss this claim. Thank you!

  4. Sir, thank you for the quick responses to my “requests for access” to your documents. I’m teaching ToK for the first time this year, and it’s fairly obvious I’ll be tapping into your blog a lot for assistance.

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