Where do I start with my ToK Presentation ?


The starting point for a ToK Presentation needs to be a specific real life situation (RLS), which you can then develop into a set of knowledge questions which can be explored in your presentation. The RLS should have the following features:

  1. Interesting to you.

The RLS should be something that you are interested in, something which has made you stop and think about the world. If the RLS is of genuine interest to you then you’ll probably do a better job of exploring it in terms of ToK. I have outlined RLS that interest me below, just because I include them here as things which interest me does not mean that you have to pick one of these examples. Formulate your own example which is of genuine interest to you.

2. Evident Knowledge Issues.

Your RLS needs to be translatable into ToK KQ’s – there need to be some evident knowledge issues. Every RLS has potential knowledge issues for specific knowers. However, if you cannot identify the knowledge issues related to your RLS you will need to choose a different RLS.

3. Potential for deep analysis.

Your RLS needs to have the potential for you to fully explore the claims and counterclaims related to the KQ.

RLS which I would be interested in using for a ToK Presentation Sept 2015:

RLS 1: Attributions concerning apparently culturally specific gender roles, a comparison of Western and Middle Eastern Countries.

KQ: To what extent are we able to establish both validity and reliability of knowledge when making cross cultural comparisons, especially when the knower is a member of one of the societies under consideration.

RLS 2: Are social media reactions to the killing of animals for non-food purposes disproportionately anthropomorphic ?

KQ: Are ethical principles regarding the right of life substantially understood when applied to non-human animals ?

RLS 3: The apparent increasing polarisation of mass political affiliation in Western European societies.

KQ: In which ways may it be possible to understand cause and effect in human social systems, specifically with reference to the relationship between values and routines.

This video on YouTube may also help you to get started, it is also an excellent explanation of how to structure your presentation/


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