ToK Essay Supervision Process

Students writing their ToK Essays should have a minimum of 3 meetings with their supervisor. After each meeting the student should complete their TK_PPF Form (Please do this on MBac on the ToK Essay tab, bottom left of your ToK page).

Content of each meeting:

First Meeting: Student identifies the title they have chosen, their interpretation of the question, their KQ’s and their approach (which AoKs, and possibly WoK, PK/SK will be discussed).
The student should present a planning sheet, which could be done on the ToK Essay Planning sheet, or in another student chosen format.

Second Meeting: Student shows the supervisor their progress.

Third Meeting: The student receives feedback on the full draft.

More meetings are permitted, but these 3 are the minimum requirements.

KIS ToK Essay Dates.

Student choices made: 16th November
Full Draft: 12th December
Final Submission: 1st February.

What if I’m stuck ?

Look at this presentation: How to write your ToK Essay.

Read the Essay FAQ’s

See Mr Wood’s excellent ToK site.

Talk to your teacher / supervisor ASAP



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