Welcome to Daniel’s ToK Blog

‘The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates


I believe :

  • ToK is the most important element of the IB Diploma.
  • ToK should be the most inspiring element of the IB Diploma.
  • ToK can seem more mysterious than it actually is.
  • By improving understanding in ToK IB students will improve understanding in all of their subjects.

About Me:

Teaching high school for 20+ years, teaching ToK for 8 yrs, globalist, humanist, optimist, and sometimes, a little sarcastic (a failing).

I’m originally from the UK. I was incredibly fortunate to be educated at LSE, looking back at that experience I now realise that most LSE courses are actually ToK courses, so I now think that I spent 3 years at LSE doing ToK !

I then spent 12 years teaching High School in London (mainly Psychology & Sociology), then the next big  fortune in my life – I was appointed to an international school in Hong Kong!

 I spent 8 wonderful years learning with the amazing young people of HK, teaching Psychology and ToK. I then went and lived on a beach in Thailand for a year before moving to Malaysia. I am currently teaching at an IB School in Malaysia, where I am again fortunate to learn from an amazing group of young people.

This blog is my small way of giving back to all the students & learners who have taught me so much over the years- thank you !

Daniel Trump, Dec 2014.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Daniel’s ToK Blog

  1. Hey Mr. Trump I know this seems awkward and weird but can you give me a help on my presentation? I’ve been thinking about doing dreaming as my topic, and how would you make this as a title or the knowledge issue. A little help would really help me! Thanks! Sorry if you find this ambiguous

      1. Hi, when will you be able to upload your post regarding 2015’s essay question 5. “No knowledge can be produced by a single way of knowing.” Discuss. In need of it desperately as I need help with break the question down and the real life situations. Thank you!

  2. Hello Mr. Trump, I randomly came across this site because I am having trouble formulating a thesis statement for my TOK essay and I’m glad I discovered your blog! I was wondering if you can help with my thesis statement for essay 4? Thank you!

    1. Hi Nia,

      Wonderful serendipity grows from randomness ! Welcome, I hope that you enjoy exploring your ToK essay.
      You are trying to formulate a Knowledge Issue / Knowledge Question for essay #4. The starting point is to understand what a “Knowledge Issue”, or, “Knowledge Question” means. I understand these terms to indicate a problem with knowledge, essentially it means asking the question “how well do we know this ?”.
      In relation to Q4 it could be something along the lines of “Do individuals have the capacity to create knowledge beyond their immediate surroundings ?” or “is creativity synergistic?” etc. You can play around with your own ideas, I’m sure you’ll do better than me.
      Essentially, i wouldn’t worry too much about the KQ at the initial planning stage. Decide on your 2 AoK, and start to map out how you would answer the question in terms of the 2 AoK’s. I think of the essay as being: “does personal knowledge come more from social interaction or individualised experience ?”

      I hope that’s a helpful starter for you, it’s better that you interpret the essay in your own way. Enjoy your thinking, keep in touch, and mail me if you need any more help.

  3. Hi Mr. Trump,

    I stumbled upon your site when researching on the 2015 prescribed titles. Wow – you have great information here!! Thank you for posting all this. I know this probably sounds weird, but do you happen to have any TOK handouts or notes you could send to my email? I’m trying to find coherent notes online for this course, and cannot. After seeing this website, I thought chances are you’d have some. Thanks so much.

  4. Hello Mr. Trump, I’ve chosen to write prescribed title #4 and my counterpoint is that shared knowledge can be flawed/bias and I was wondering if you can give me a few examples on how I can prove this?

    1. Hi Nia, I think you will need to extend your counterpoint to explain why shared knowledge is more likely to be flawed than personal knowledge if your counterpoint is to be effective. This certainly leads to an interesting discussion on the nature of truth in this context.

  5. Hello Mr Trump,
    I was wondering if you had any online source relating to the following statement: ‘internal truth of fath exceeds human reason” by thomas aquinas

    1. Hi Sophia, the best source for you to use would be one which exemplifies your personal interpretation of Aquinas’ quote. Personally I would draw upon Dr Eileen Barker’s work on cult membership and The Moonies. There’s an explanation here, and an evaluative article of the work here. However, you should use an RLS which works for you. Your essay will be easier to write, and have much more authenticity if you use RLS which works for you.

  6. Hello Mr Trump,

    I’ve already written my essay, but I’m not sure whether I did well or maybe should do more research in the topic. Could you look at it and give me some feedback? Thanks!


    1. I very much recommend to all students that they consult with their ToK Teacher when it comes to reading essays in advance of submission. Your ToK teacher knows you, and as such they are best placed to give appropriate and insightful advice.

      Best of luck with your essay.

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