How to rock your ToK Presentation

The ToK Presentation should be an enjoyable process of developing your ideas concerning something that you are interested in. It should also be a relatively easy way to chalk up some high marks in ToK. However, far too often I have seen students make elementary mistakes which could be easily avoided, and lead to an unnecessary decrement in marks. Here’s my guide to rocking your ToK Presentation:

1. Structure

The most common (& serious) mistake that I see in ToK presentations is students talking about their RLS rather than about ToK. It is absolutely essential that you get the fundamental structure of the presentation correct. Consulting your ToK teacher about your KQ and KCs beforehand can help this process. Remember – it’s a ToK Presentation, not a presentation about your RLS, and therefore you need to focus on issues of knowledge production and the knower.

2. Practice
The need to practise is obvious, you don’t want the first time you give the presentation to be the real presentation. Come on ! this is an exam !

3. Presentation Skills.

The relationship between style and content / function is a ToK question in itself. However, in the ToK presentation the style of presentation can help, or hinder, communication of  content. So think carefully about how you present, a couple of tips are:

a) don’t read a Powerpoint. Please don’t read a Powerpoint, watching someone reading a powerpoint is one of the most tedious activities that could ever befall a sentient life-form.
b) don’t read off your phone (nor a piece of paper). Reading off your phone is amateurish, reading off a piece off paper says “I don’t really know what I’m talking about“. Using small cue cards is acceptable, otherwise – just talk, this is your presentation you should really love the ideas that you are presenting, and therefore should be able to talk about them without prompts.

Get great tips on Presentation Skills from these pages:
Slides with impact – make your slides last.
Give a talk which works for you individually


Make sure that you write your TKPPD Form as you develop your presentation. The TKPPD Form is used by the IB TOK Examiners to moderate your presentation – so it needs to be good !


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