Intro to May 2017 Essays

I’ve started talking with my students about the May 2017 Essays.

I have written short commentaries as introductory ideas for the 4 most popular essays:
Essay #1
Essay#6 (added due to popular demand)

I used the slideshow, attached below as PDF, as a stimuli to start unpacking the titles. I hope it’s useful as a set of starters !



10 thoughts on “Intro to May 2017 Essays

  1. Hello Mr Trump! I am almost done with my TOK essay and would love your feedback on one of my ideas. What do you think if I talked about Pablo Picasso’s Guernica for #5 as a RLS and how culture can affect the perceptual process? I mentioned confirmation bias but I feel I need a bit more TOK language. Got any ideas?

    1. sounds good to me, sounds like you’ve got some strong ideas developed. When you say “the perceptual process” you need to be clear about whether you’re referring to sensory perception or a wider concept of interpretation.

  2. Hi!
    DO you have anything on title #6? “Humans are pattern seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns whether they exist or not” (adapted from Michael Shermer). Discuss knowledge questions raised by this idea in two areas of knowledge.”
    It would be extremely helpful, and I really like what you did for the three titles (1,3,5).

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello, Does anyone know anything about #2??? “Facts are needed to establish theories but theories are needed to make sense of facts” Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. It would be really helpful!!!

    1. Hi, I studiously avoided this essay. IMO it’s a tough one, all about the nature of causation – it quickly takes me into a torpor of tautology ! However, I guess that a starting point may be to look at an introduction to Epistemology.

    2. Hi there!! Im doing the same topic as you and I was wondering if you had an outline or something. My email is listed below. Thanks!!!

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