last minute thoughts on May 2016 Essays

I know that a few people are leaving their essays to the very last minute (I still receive email enquiries about essays), so I thought I’d quickly pop up some RLS which I thought could be useful starting points for those looking for inspiration.

Icelandic People have started to worship Norse Gods again. Also see this article here.
This story has very clear links into PT#4, whether knowledge is only valuable when applied. It could be argued that the traditional Norse religions were not applied during the 1000 years of their dormancy, however their value has nonetheless been demonstrated by their return.
Emoji as form of language.
This article has very clear links to PT#6, considering the relationship between accuracy and simplicity. Lots of people have been emailing me asking for an RLS which is both simple and accurate. I think that emoji may fulfil both criteria. Of course it depends how you define simple, but then most life experiences are shaped by how we define things !Just a couple of thoughts for RLS for essays, I hope that this gets you thinking the right way to develop your own RLS for your essay.


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