Y12 Presentation Practice 1

ToK Sample Presentation Titles.

  • Identify Knowledge Issue(s)
  • Identify Ways of Knowing.
  • Put together a 10 min presentation.


Grp1: Sam, Geraldine, Hitesh, Ritvik

Can we be certain that Global Warming is actually taking place?


Grp 2: Jeremy, Haylie, Jonathan, Natasha

Who should decide, and on what grounds, what history should be taught in schools ?


Grp 3: Hannah, Sean, Chloe, Justin

Is it possible to establish whether economic development is justifiable even when it requires the suppression of human rights ?

Grp 4: Affan, Jessica, David, Alice, Lydia

Can we create an objective measure for beauty ?


Grp 5: Hanqing, Stephanie, Ryan, Ceila

If people speak different languages can we be certain that we actually mean the same thing ?


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